It's Better To Give

It's Better To Give

Posted by Kim Whittaker,Owner of The Pampered Present on Jul 13th 2019

Everyone has heard the adage “It’s better to give than to receive”, but do you know why? When you engage yourself in the process of thoughtful giving to others, it can do great things for you and the receiver.

Here are just a few of the advantages of giving.

  • Psychologically it makes you feel better. When you decide to give a gift to someone, you are thinking about that person and what would make them happy and how you can fit this into your budget. Making these decisions is empowering. It wards off depression by making you feel generous and thoughtful. It can boost your self-esteem.

  • Taking the time to consider what you can effectively give to others to enhance their lives improves your mental health and has lasting effects. Whether you decide to give of your time, a donation, or a gift wrapped with a bow, you are telling that person they matter. It is evidence to the receiver that they are valued and appreciated. It can lift others from depression, feelings of inadequacy and loneliness. Those are some valuable things!
  • In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, it has been proven that giving also helps to lower stress, lower blood pressure, to live longer and greater happiness. I’m a big fan of ALL those things!!

There you have it! Giving is not a burden – it’s a privilege. You can become a healthier person though expressions of thoughtful giving – and you don’t even have to give up carbs!!